How to Determine if Your Website Needs a Redesign?

When designed by a professional Knutsford SEO service, your website can be a star performer for your brand. But, if your website doesn’t seem to be fetching results even after the first few years, you need to look closer. Look for the following signs to know if your website needs a redesign.

Conversion Rate is Very Low

Conversion Rate lets you know if your website visitors are taking intended actions such as submitting a form or signing up for a newsletter, and converting into your customers. If this rate is very low, say, 1 out of a 100 visitors delivers a conversion, you should be concerned.

Seek the opinion of an experienced Knutsford SEO service to know if a partial or complete website redesign is needed.

Prospects are Leaving Your Website Immediately

If your prospects are leaving your website immediately after they land, there could be a problem with the content, navigation, or the look and feel of the website. Bounce rates range from 26% to 70%. A value in the higher range or even above the maximum limit is obviously a cause for concern.

Lack of Mobile Responsive Design

With usage of smartphones increasing by leaps and bounds, a mobile-friendly website design is crucial. If your website is mobile responsive, it will adjust to the screen size to deliver a stunning user experience. If not, you could be losing substantial traffic from your mobile device consumers.

Inefficient Navigation

You lose visitors, prospects and conversions if your website fails to give visitors required information within a few seconds of a visit. Ensure that visitors are able to find information with the least number of clicks.

Keep a close eye on your sales process through other channels. If prospects are asking more questions for which answers are already available on your website, it could be an indication that your website is not directing visitors to the right pages.

Unengaging Content

To be engaging, content must be up-to-date and focus on solving customers’ problems. Ensure that your website content talks less about your company, products and features, and more about how you can help your consumers.

It is important to observe your website performance reports and other sales channels regularly, to evaluate your website’s progress. If, as a business owner, time and resources are a hindrance, hire web design Knutsford. This will make the process of maintaining and updating your website accurate and stress-free.