What Are the Steps to Getting an SSL Certified Website?

Your local website design Knutsford agency are here to guide you through the steps to making your website SSL certified. We want you guys to have safe and secure websites that users feel comfortable using.

If you have a website (especially an e-commerce website) then having an SSL certificate is an absolute must. The reason for this being, those interacting with your website need to be assured that their data and personal details are safe.

So, how do you get an SSL certificate for your website?

The Appropriate SSL Certificate Needs to Be Obtained

When it comes to SSL certificates, there are plenty of different types available. Depending on your website and businesses’ requirements, you may need a certain specification or type of SSL to ensure that your website is full covered.

You need to know which specific parts of your website have to be secure and also how many SSL certificates you will need to be completely covered.

If you are not entirely sure what kind of coverage you need, do not worry. Speak to your website design Knutsford agency today for help and advice on what type of SSL suits your website.

Activating Your Certificate

Every certificate requires a CSR, this holds the information that identifies and then protects your website from data breaches through making it encrypted.

You will need to generate a CSR, which you can do through your web hosting control panel. Visit the SSL/TLS admin section Next click on a section titled “Generate an SSL certificate” Fill out the form and click on submit You will now see a wall of text, you then copy this CSR and send it to your SSL certificate provider.

Does all of this sound a bit long winded and difficult? Speak to Your website design Knutsford agency for help and advice or cut out the middle man and ask them to do it for you.

The Installation of Your SSL Certificate

After you have activated your SSL, you will be provided with a .crt file. You then need to head back to the Control Panel and go to the ‘install an SSL Certificate’ section.

Copy and paste the text imbedded in the file into the box and submit. At this point, your website is fully SSL Certified.

We understand that this can be quite a daunting process, so for any help- speak to your website design Knutsford agency.

Keep Up to Date and Verify Your SSL

So, how do you make sure your website is fully certified? Simply type in your domain name with https:// beforehand and if your website pops up, your covered! The S at the beginning of your domain indicates secure. 

As this is a technology that is still developing, the chances are you may need to update it from time to time. Speak to your website design Knutsford agency for help and advice on how to stay secure in the future.

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As you can now see, making sure that your website is fully secure is not a small or simple task. Speak to a website design Knutsford agency today and we can take care of the task for you.