Basic Social Media Marketing Mistakes Everyone Is Still Making

When it comes to social media Knutsford, companies and organisations are beginning to wake up to the massive amounts of potential this type of marketing can have and the potential impact it may make to their ROI.

Social media marketing is a must for any type of business as it provides a direct form of marketing and for the most part is free.

With over half of traffic on the internet now being generated through social media platforms, with the likes of Facebook overtaking Google, the legitimacy of social media channels when it comes to online exposure cannot be doubted.

So why are organisations still doubting social media Knutsford marketing and what mistakes are they making that is hindering their performance through social channels?

Not Making Social Media an Integral Part of Marketing

Print based and traditional marketing methods are soon to be obsolete due to the rise and importance of digital marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most important aspects of any strategy is social media marketing. Where organisations are failing themselves is in the lack of importance placed on social media Knutsford marketing.

Despite the huge amount of importance social media marketing has, companies still treat social media as an extension and an addition of their current online marketing strategy.

Organisations that are seeking to get ahead are now devoting entire departments with huge amounts of staff to social media marketing. However, other organisations of similar size may be employing one person on a part time basis. These are the organisations that will fall behind and kiss the opportunity that social media Knutsford marketing poses.

Failing to Create a Plan Before Going Ahead 

Failing to plan is planning to fail as the saying goes. Nowhere is this more evident than social media Knutsford marketing. Before any form of marketing takes place, it is vital that a social media strategy and plan for going forward is formulated. This way you can ensure that your strategy has a continued direction and measure whether your organisation are being successful through carrying out the proposed work.

Not Taking into Consideration SEO

When it comes to any form of online marketing, SEO needs to be considered. Fast becoming the favoured form of online marketing for agencies of all size looking to get ahead, SEO offers a quick and organic way to promote and create exposure online for businesses.

Any form of content that is put online should first be considered from an SEO perspective, no opportunity to improve your organisation’s search engine ranking should be left unexploited.

To give your organisation a boost, when formulating your social media strategy, integrate an SEO strategy to run alongside it.

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