How Can You Incorporate Video into Your Website Design?

Video input is currently changing the face of web design Knutsford. Videos are becoming more and more accessible for website owners and website builders alike.

Whether it’s a landing page, the home page of a website or a promotional video- video is now commonplace in web design.

But how can you incorporate video into your website design and ultimately improve the quality of your website?

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What Functional Uses Does Video Have in Website Design? 

Videos are an effective arm of any online marketing strategy. Videos are great because they are hugely attention grabbing and can also convey messages easily.

However, it is important that you have the right type of video content on your website in order to achieve the desired effect.

Below are some of the most effective forms of online video marketing.

Background and Header Video Content

Switching from an entirely static background or header to one that has video content input, it a great way to instantly improve conversions.

Research has actually proven that conversions can be increased by up to 100% through the use of video content based headers and backgrounds.

Why you ask? They have the ability to deliver your brand message quickly and in an engaging manner.

Make Sure Video Content is Necessary and Effective

That being said, it is important that the video content you include is relevant and appropriate. You do not want to annoy users with unnecessary, pointless videos as they may actually have an adverse effect on your conversions.

Speak to Your web design Knutsford agency for help and advice on how to create truly effective video content based headers and backgrounds.

Showcase Your Products on Page  

Are you running an ecommerce website or a website focused around the selling of a particular product? Video content is the perfect way to display and showcase your products on page, on your website.

Product videos can be used as entire pages or as backgrounds or headers as part of pages.

Investing your money and time into producing a video for promotional purposes also suggests that your company has the credibility to do so and builds a professional brand image.

Speak to your web design Knutsford agency about how you can produce a professional, great looking video for showcasing your products.

Video Content for Tour Guides

A video based tour guide of your business premises is one of the most useful applications for on page video content.

Whether you chose to use an actual person guided video or a virtual tour, video based tour guides can humanise and give context to your business.

Speak to your Web Design Knutsford agency today about how we can help you create video based tour guides for on page use on your website.

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