How Do You Know Your Website is Secure for Your Users?

Web Design Knutsford provide web design solutions for all kind and sizes of business. We know better than anyone that when to comes to data breaches, everyone is a target.

When it comes to internet security, there is a very real and growing threat in breaches of data and online fraud.

Hackers and other harmful online agents are seeking ways to access personal data, organisational accounts and just about anything they can get their hands on to bring them personal gain.

How Bad Is It?

It’s a scary reality that every 39 seconds an unauthorised data breach occurs. These breaches have the potential to completely destroy businesses financial and in other equally malicious ways.

But how do you know when your website is secure for you and your customer?

Web Design Knutsford are here to give you the information that you need in order to make sure your website is secure for your visitors and customers.

SSL Certificates are a Must

Ever been on a website and seen towards the left of the search bar a little padlock symbol? Well this is way more than just symbol.

The padlock should also read ‘Secure’. If you see this, then you know you are with a website that is data encrypted.

To achieve this symbol and message, a website needs to have an attached SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates encrypt all data shared between user and website and stop the likes of hackers obtain information that they can then misuse.

If you already have a website and you do not have this symbol, you need to get one immediately.

Enlist the Help of a Web Design Knutsford Service

If you are having a website built currently or already have one and your website provider has not even mentioned SSL Certificates, you need to be worried. SSL Certificates are now becoming common practice and although you can opt out of having one (often at the expense of customers and conversions), if they have failed to brief you or discuss the option- the chance are they do not know that they are doing.

The EU’s GDPR Update

The EU’s imminent GDPR update is looming and with it comes a new set of regulations and rules for internet security. Website owners are now obligated to offer a much more advanced set of data protection functions upon their website.

These include, further choices regarding what information they share with the website and the ability to delete data that they chose to share with websites for both them and the website.

Failure to comply with these legislations will not only make your website seem insecure, it can also end with a hefty fine from the EU themselves that can amount to up to 4% of global earnings.

Your web design Knutsford agency should absolutely be getting you preparing you for the GDPR update and if they are not, it may be time to consider changing.

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