Do You Need a New Website?

Web Design Knutsford know that a new website can improve many aspects of businesses and the way in which they interact with customers. If effectively designed and developed, the conversion rate for organisations can increase infinitely and is a very cost effective way to optimise sales and business to customer interaction.

But when do you really need a new website? Web Design Knutsford are here to give you the rundown.

Customers are Struggling to Reach You

If your customers are struggling to reach and interact with you, the chances are that your online resources are not adequate. A website should clearly display your contact details as well as give visitors the opportunity to contact you directly.

Instant messaging services, quick enquiry forms and many other direct marketing techniques allow customers to interact directly with businesses. Feel as if your amount of sales, conversions is being let down by your lack of channels for communication?

Consider the features above and how they could revolutionise your website.

Your Services Are Outdated

If the service pages on your website are outdated or inaccurate, they need to be updated. This is the perfect excuse to completely reinvent your website.

Consider all the information relevant to your business and how it needs to be available upon your website before contacting a web design Knutsford agency so that you can ensure your website is as useful for visitors as possible.

Your Website Is Not User friendly

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you need to take action immediately. Over half of traffic generated on the internet is now done so through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  You do not want half of the visitors that reach your website having an impaired experience due to poor functionality and design.

Websites that are not mobile friendly are also penalised by search engines such as Google and are pushed down search engine rankings.

If you want your website to remain fully functioning and rank well, you need to be mobile friendly.

Your Brand Has Outgrown its Existing Design

If your brand has developed since your website was built, the chances are the website has not been updated and is therefore letting down your brand. The web design Knutsford needs to be updated at this point to fit in line with your new brand identity.

If you feel that your brand needs a redesign, it might be a good idea to contact a web design Knutsford company that also develops brands in areas such as logo design, PR and content strategies such as Web Design Knutsford.

Get in Touch

The best time to begin redesigning your website is now. If your website has shown any of these tell-tale signs and you want to reduce the loss of conversions and sales, there is not a moment to lose. you need to begin redesigning your website. Get in touch with Web Design Knutsford today for a free and friendly over the phone chat about your options.