Optimizing Your Website’s User Interface and Experience

Too often these days websites are built almost exclusively for their SEO purposes, without any attention being paid to the actual human users who might visit the website or be interested in the services provided. Website Design Knutsford knows that having a good user interface and user experience is one of the keys of a highly-visited website which, most importantly, builds up a follower-base of returning visitors and users.

Below are some things to keep in mind when designing your website and the user experience you want to provide for the first time and returning visitors.

Have a Strong Homepage

If you’ve seen the homepage of website design Knutsford, you know that we’ve got a gorgeous widescreen video seamlessly integrated at the top of our page. This is because the first few seconds a new visitor spends on your site might be the last few seconds if your homepage doesn’t make a good impression.

Make sure your homepage has a coherent design that fits the tone of your business and what your visitors might be looking for. Try to place brightly vivid colours and videos for creative work, or include stunning and relevant high definition pictures to show first-time visitors your beautiful work or services.

Make Navigation Easy

A visitor will only spend so long going from page to page of your website looking for the key information they need. Always make sure that your important and desirable information potential customers will be looking for is easy to find, preferably also clearly displayed somewhere on your homepage. Be sure that your website has a good navigational system of tabs, drop-down menus or another navigation tool to make visiting different pages easy.

Having clear “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages make it so anyone looking for further information about your company and services has no problem finding it. Some websites (like our own) include a contact form on the homepage, thus reducing the number of clicks a customer needs to make in order to contact us.

Smoothly Integrate Your Social Media

Making your content easily shareable on social media is the first step to actually building up a complete web presence for your company. Website design Knutsford know that social media is integral to reaching and connecting with a larger audience of potential customers, so make sure you’re including share buttons on your content while clearly displaying your company’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles on your site.

If you don’t quite have a social media following yet, try running a giveaway offer for followers of your Facebook or Twitter pages. Make sharing or retweeting the giveaway post part of the entry requirements so that you can reach out to some new potential followers.

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