What Are the Signs That You Need a New Website?

When it comes to web design Knutsford, many are reluctant to redesign their current websites for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for many is the fear that a new website will completely break the bank.

The reality is however, having a website that is outdated or broken can reduce the amount of conversions, sales or leads being generated. Effectively, not redesigning can cost you money rather than saving it.

So, what are the signs that you need a new website?                        

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Many websites that were built several years ago will not be ‘mobile friendly’. The term mobile friendly in the context of web design Warrington, refers to when a website has impaired functionality or does not deliver the same aesthetic properties if accessed on a mobile phone.

If your website was built before the smart phone revolution, the chances are that your website will not be entirely mobile friendly. In this case, you absolutely need to update your website so that it doesn’t ruin the experience of your brand for customer or get penalised by Google in terms of search engine ranking.

Your Website Is Not Creating Conversions

If your website is failing to create conversions, then it is most definitely time to update it. What are conversions? Conversions are the rate at which visitors to your website are converted into customers.

If you are finding that your website is receiving plenty of visitors each month but you are not managing to secure consistent sales, your website is most likely the problem.

In this case, it is vital that you contact a web design Knutsford agency with a history of making websites that convert.

The User Experience is Lacking

If certain components on your website are not working or you are lacking technologies that your website needs, you may find that your site appears dated merely through not having what your competitors’ websites have.

For example, if you are still using dated features such as flash player or your website is slow to load, the user experience can be greatly impacted.

Broken links, dated design and all other manner of components can be great indicators that your website is well and truly past its sell by date.

In these cases, you need to contact a web design Knutsford agency as soon as possible to bring your website up to speed.

Your Website Is No Longer Secure

In light of the recent SSL update to Google, websites that do not have the appropriate SSL certificates attached to them will not only be penalised in terms of search engine rankings but they will also display a warning sign to visitors who reach unsecure pages.

If you do not want your website to fall victim from simply not having an SSL, get in touch with a web design Knutsford agency today.

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