The Four Pillars of Website Design

While making a website is easy, web design Knutsford knows that making a good-looking, high-ranking and fully-functional website is much more complicated. As web design has become increasingly more accessible thanks to easy-to-use beginner-friendly services like Squarespace and Wix, more users across the web are constructing a website without really understanding the essentials of good web design.

In this post we go over the four key pillars of web design, how they contribute to the website’s overall design, and how you can start laying down the foundations for your own website’s pillars.

Creative Content

You might know the phrase, “content is king”, and even if web design has changed significantly over time, content should still be the priority of any good website. The content of a website is like the engine of a car: it doesn’t matter how flashy the exterior looks, what matters is that the engine is there and is works. All too often web designers will focus on flashy animations and features, leaving the content ignored and by the wayside.

You have to remember that content is the reason why most people will be coming to visit your site. Remember that nobody wants to go to a website with weak or no content.

Smooth User Interface and User Experience

If content is king, the queen of web design Knutsford is having a fully functional and attractive user interface. User interface is about ensuring the user has a smooth and easy time navigating through your website’s various pages. User experience is more related to the experience a user has with a product or service, however there are some key website elements (like pop up banners and support chats) that fall into the category of user experience for web design.

Always keep in mind how any design changes will impact your average visitor. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and provides a pleasant browsing experience.

Strong SEO

Now that you have a beautiful website full of high quality content that’s easy to navigate, it’s time to get some visitors! The key to pulling in traffic and new visitors for any website is SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is the practice of optimising various aspects of a website to rank higher in Google searches, hopefully attracting more visitors from the world’s biggest search engine.

Supportive Social Media

Having a strong social media strategy supporting your website is a great way to improve your website’s SEO while also driving new traffic to your website. Make sure your website has a Facebook page and Twitter account, along with a LinkedIn and Instagram if they’re relevant to your website’s industry.

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Now that you know about the four pillars to building a successful website, it’s time you start putting them in action towards your own web design strategies. Be sure to keep following the web design Knutsford blog for more web design tips and ideas.

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