Tips on How to Utilise Cross Channel Social Marketing

Web Design Knutsford offer social media Knutsford marketing as a core service, we know and understand better than anyone that we are living in the age of social media.

Our clients often come to us without any idea about how to leverage the powerful potential that social media Knutsford can offer to them and their product/service.

Cross Channel Integration

Cross channel integration is one of the basic marketing techniques that Web Design Knutsford employ to improve our clients’ websites exposure as well as improving areas such as interaction and SEO.

Cross channel integration means that all social platforms are working together as one cohesive unit, their pages will feature links to other social pages so that the user experience is vastly improved.

So what tips do we have for cross channel integration?

Make All Content Shareable  

Adding the ability to share to all content that you produce can improve the exposure and audience levels that it reaches drastically. There are both free and paid options such as ‘sponsored’ content.

Social Media Knutsford uses sharing to increase the exposure and visitor rate to all content. Having sharing options in place is an absolute must.

It is not enough to assume your reader will get to the bottom of your content be it a blog post, article etc. Because of this, it is important that you include sharing options at the top of your content.

Embed Social Media Knutsford Feeds and RSS Feeds on Landing Pages

Make it simple for visitors to your website to find you everywhere else. By integrating links, tabs and feeds into your landing page, you can direct visitors to your other relevant pages and platforms.

Try and get a hashtag related to your business going, this can be displayed on your landing page through RSS and social feeds. If you have an event or promotion running, this is a great way to generate a buzz.

Build Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

Building brand awareness and identity can be achieved through cross platform integration. Having a recurring house style, format or identity across various pages will help develop your company image and give your organisation a recognisable face.

Customers will recognise your brand through seeing your logo across other social media Knutsford platforms and will be able to find you easier.

If you want to build a loyal customer base of recurring clients, cross channel integration opens up extra lines of communication for which you can reach out to, speak to and even monitor your customers.

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