Using Facebook to its Fullest for your Website

For almost a decade now Facebook has been the big dog when it comes to the social media sector, so it’s no wonder that websites are always looking for the best ways to integrate Facebook marketing Knutsford. Below we outline some of the best practices for updating and maintaining a successful Facebook page, while also showing you how to integrate Facebook features into your website.

Setting up and Maintaining a Facebook Page

If you haven’t set up a Facebook page for your business, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this post. A Facebook page is an essential extension of your website and its business allowing you to promote your services and reach new audience members. Facebook has even grown to include a marketplace where you can put your services or products for sale directly on your Facebook page.

Most importantly, however, make sure your Facebook page is properly linking back to your website, with people easily able to find their way to your main site. Make sure you’ve got a description of the “About Us” section of your Facebook page, as well as your company’s contact information clearly visible and easy to find.

Fostering an Audience

Now that you have a Facebook page, it’s time to get some activity going on it. Share your new Facebook page with your friends and try sharing a few posts from your personal account so that others can see what kind of content your page is posting. If you’re really struggling to build up a following, try running a giveaway with the entry requirements being to like the page and share the giveaway post. The Facebook marketing Knutsford team have also used Facebook exclusive offers to help attract people to the page successfully.

It’s important to treat your audience well, so be active and reply quickly when people comment on your posts or ask a message through your Facebook page. Make sure to check in on the “Insights” page of your group so that you can see statistics about how many people have liked or seen your posts or Facebook page. This tool is invaluable, with Facebook marketing Knutsford using it every day to understand which posts of actually pulling in people and engaging visitors.

Powerful Plugins for your Website 

With your Facebook page up and running with an active audience, now it’s time to integrate everything back into your main website. Using plugins you can make sharing your content on Facebook a breeze, while also letting users “like” your page without having to load anything. When it comes to making sure your Facebook marketing Knutsford is on point, plugins are the best way to integrate Facebook services into your website.

Search for Facebook’s official plugin page and you’ll find a vast array of plugins to help you embed share buttons, like buttons and even Facebook videos onto your site.

How Facebook Marketing Knutsford Can Help

While we’ve made things seem easy here, there’s a lot more to Facebook Marketing that can help you grow your business. If you’re looking for more expert advice when it comes to your growing your Facebook page and integrating it smoothly into your site, don’t be afraid to contact Web Design Knutsford at 01925 552 050!