How a Website Can Convert Visitors into Customers

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The principle focus for many online marketers and companies seeking to increase their online presence is maximising the amount of visitors or organic traffic achieved. The problem with this is that when visitors do reach websites, they are often not converted into becoming customers.

If visitors are not becoming customers, is there really any point in them visiting? We are here to tell you how effective web design can help increase your conversion rate.

Grab the Attention of Visitors Instantly

When a visitor clicks onto your website link and makes their way onto your website, they need to be greeted with a fully optimised landing page.

 ‘First impressions mean everything’ as the saying goes and in this case that means making sure that the first page your visitor sees is one that will convince them to invest in your product/service.

Landing Page Optimisation

This can be done through several different techniques and methods referred to as ‘landing page optimisation’. It is one of the services that we as a web design Knutsford agency offer and we regularly help clients improve their landing pages for selling and conversion rate purposes.

This may be as simple as ensuring that the copy featured on your landing page is of a professional standard or possibly involved elements of functionality and web development.

How to Optimise a Landing Page

To ensure that visitors to your website convert and become customers, optimised landing pages should be a tool in your online marketing arsenal. A page can be optimised through the use of promotional marketing such as banners, animation and sliding images.

This is a great way to display promotions that you currently have running without seeming pushy and thus increase conversions.

This is an example of how web design Knutsford can have a direct impact on conversions.

Improve the User Experience

When a visitor reaches your website, their entire interaction with your website is often deemed the ‘user experience’. The user experience is a measure of how they managed to interact with your website and how it was experiencing your various web pages.

So how can you improve the user experience for visitors? Improving the user experience should start with aspects such as website navigation. If a user can easily find what they are looking for upon visiting your website, the chances are they will enjoy using it.

If your website is hard to navigate, they may become frustrated and leave before converting. It is important to bare this in mind when designing a website.

Any useful features that you can include within your website such as easy contact forms, map integration or any other functionalities are examples of how web design Knutsford can improve the experience for users.

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