What Types of Digital Marketing Are There? 

Web Design Knutsford is far more than just a website design company, we provide SEO Knutsford amongst other online and digital marketing strategies.

There is a plethora of online marketing and digital marketing types out there that are currently helping businesses advertise themselves online.

In this blog, Web Design Knutsford intends to outline these various forms of digital and online marketing and explain how they could help you and your business.

So, what types of digital marketing are there available for modern marketers?

Search Engine Optimisation  

Search engine optimisation is fast becoming the go to choice for those wanting to market their services online. Search engine optimisation or SEO Knutsford, involves the boosting of a website’s ranking amongst search engine results through the use of ‘white hat’ search engine marketing techniques.

The types of practices that improve and boost website’s rankings include the use of keywords, the production of fresh content (which we will speak about a little later) and increasing a website’s performance levels (e.g slowing down loading times).

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is the process of using ‘sponsored’ paid for ads amongst search engines. These types of advert are great at achieving quick results as they feature at the very top of search engines.

If you are willing to invest the money required into PPC, then you can achieve the results you want.

The problem however with PPC marketing is that it haemorrhages money. Money spent on PPC is effectively dead money as the moment you stop paying, your advert will disappear.

Because of this, many choose to invest in SEO Knutsford as an alternative to PPC.

Public Relations

Public relations are an incredibly broad area of marketing. They are not necessarily limited to any one form of marketing. Public relations are made up of content marketing, print based marketing and several other forms of communication.

This form of marketing focuses on creating exposure, whether it’s in the form of a news article, a press release or any other type of content.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing chooses to focus on the creation and distribution of content as a marketing strategy. Whether its producing blogs, articles, information videos or any other type of content, this form of marketing focuses on getting your name out there.

Content marketing is massively beneficial to SEO. The use of long form content that is optimised with keywords can have a huge impact on your website’s rankings amongst search engines.

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