When Does an Old Website Become a Problem?

Web Design Knutsford has been helping businesses of all sizes and description establish an online presence through innovative website design Knutsford and online marketing for a number of years.

We know better than anyone, that when it comes to the internet and websites- a couple of years can be an eternity. Websites and technology can rapidly become outdated or obsolete if not continuously updated and developed.

Many people are keen not to part with their old websites but often this is at the peril of their businesses seeming outdated or out of touch.

But when do you know your old website has become a problem?

Broken or Disavowed Links  

Websites that are now regularly updated or maintained may be littered with broken or disavowed links. These can be a real problem if left untreated and can completely destroy the user experience for users of your website.

When users click on broken links, they often become frustrated and leave your page quickly without converting and with no intention of returning.

If you simply do not have the time to update these links or do not know how, speak to your website design Knutsford agency for help and advice on how to fix them.

Flash Animation

If you still have flash animation on your website, you may want to consider getting rid of it. This outdated technology has the potential to slow your pages down and more importantly- Google does not like it.

This means that websites that still make use of flash are often de ranked amongst search engine results.

If the animations or videos on your website are outdated but need to be there, speak to Web Design Knutsford. We are more than just a website design Knutsford agency, we also create videos, animations and other useful content that you can use on your website.

Your Bounce Rate is high and Your Conversions Low

A great indicator that your website needs updating is if your bounce rate is abnormally high or has increased.

Bounce rates are a metric of the amount of visitors to your website that leave almost immediately after entering.

Similarly, if the amount of people entering your website and being converted into customers is low, there may be a problem.

Speak to Your Website Design Knutsford Agency

If you are experiencing either of these issues, speak to your website design Knutsford agency about how they can improve them with methods such as on page marketing.

We have a variety of solutions to update and reimagine your website and general online presence.

Contact us for a free and friendly chat about what we can do for your business.

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