Why Is Mobile Responsiveness So Important in Web Design?

Web Design Knutsford know better than anyone the importance of a website being mobile responsive. Mobile responsiveness has to be in the mind of designers as they build websites to ensure that the finished websites perform to their full potential.

Web Design Knutsford has worked with several clients with existing websites in order to bring them up to speed and ensure that the user experience is not impaired cross platforms.

But why is it so important that your website is full mobile responsive? Web Design Knutsford is here to explain to you the importance of being mobile ready.

Increased Traffic from Mobile and Tablet Users

Along time ago businesses used to create two versions of one website, one for desktop users on computers and laptops and one strictly for mobile users.

Many still do this today, but with ever increasing amount of web surfers from mobile users, having two separate versions of one website is a time consuming and high maintenance practice- that does not really make a whole lot of sense.

The modern approach is to have just one responsive website that is ready for all devices and users. This way you retain your visitors and continue to attract traffic from both types of devices.

Lower Costs and Maintenance

As we previously said, running one fully responsive website is much easier and ultimately cheaper than running two separate websites. The reduced costs and strain of juggling two websites will free up your money and time for more worthwhile investments.

If you need help building a website that caters to both types of user- speak to Web Design Knutsford today.

Provide a Seamless User Experience for Visitors

Unresponsive websites if accessed via phone or tablet will seem distorted or will lose their effect through harmful resizing. Just because your website looks great through a desktop device- do not assume it will look the same way from your phone or tablet.

If you don’t think that a user would return to your website after experiencing a broken mobile version- you need to improve your website’s mobile responsiveness immediately.

We recommend during the design stage that you test your website on both types of devices. At Web Design Knutsford, all websites that we build are subject to rigorous alpha and beta testing from both types of device to ensure that the user experience is never impaired.

Improve SEO on Your Website

The reality of mobile friendly and responsive websites is that Google loves them. In fact, Google does not only love these types of website it actually demerits and lowers the rank of websites that do not have mobile friendly properties.

Speak to Web Design Knutsford about how to make a mobile responsive, SEO friendly website.

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