Why WordPress is the Number One Website Building Platform


When it comes to web design Knutsford, one CMS (content management system) reigns supreme. WordPress currently powers around 28% of all websites and has the commanding share when it comes to websites currently on the internet.

But what makes WordPress so great when it comes to web design Knutsford? And what puts it ahead of the rest in terms of functions.

Web Design Knutsford is an experienced web design agency; we build the majority of our websites exclusively in this CMS due to a whole list of benefits. In this blog posts we will discuss why we choose to work in WordPress and explain what it has to offer.

Its Free! 

Possibly one of the greatest features of this CMS is the fact that it is free for everyone to use. The standard free subscription offers every feature that you could need to build a fully functioning, responsive website.

A huge amount of the plug ins available for WordPress are free as well unlike CMS such as Drupal, where realistically you need to spend money to justify using it.

For companies and organisations looking to establish an online presence that do not have a great amount of start up capital or investment power, WordPress being free provides them with a helpful saving.

Huge Amounts of Customisation

WordPress is an open source platform which means that a community of users and developers are constantly releasing updates In the way of features and plug ins. Plug ins allow the user to customise their website to their specification.

WordPress has now been around for total of 14 years. The amount of custom plug ins available means that if you can imagine a feature or a design that you want for your website, the chances are there is a plug in out there to make it a reality. For Web design Knutsford agencies, WordPress is the number one choice due to the vast amount of customisation readily available. 

Google Loves WordPress 

WordPress websites are loved by Google because of their clean coded nature. Clean coding means that when it comes to SEO and optimisation for search engine rankings, websites built through WordPress will be looked upon favourably.

If you are a company looking to be at the top of search engines in a competitive market, building your website through WordPress is an obvious choice.

SEO Analytics

Yoast is currently the most popular WordPress plug in that allows website owners to track and analyse the effectiveness of their on and off page SEO campaigns. Those looking to launch SEO campaigns should strongly consider using WordPress for this reason as the software is free and arguably the best when it comes to monitoring SEO within web pages.

Get in Touch

If you or your organisation are seeking to develop your online presence through building an entirely new website or revisiting your current website, get in touch with Web Design Knutsford today. Our web design team have years’ worth of experience when it comes to building websites in WordPress and all other available CMS packages. Give us a call for a free over the phone chat about your options.